Health in Relationship with the Wild

Please join us for either or both parts of this all day immersion workshop in which we’ll explore and deepen our health in relationship to the wild. This is an all genders event which is geared towards adults or older children.

July 20th at Paridae Grove: 573 Waning Road in Unity, Maine!
9-12 Holistic Health Self-Assessment Skills
12-1 Community Potluck Lunch
1-4 Health-Supporting Relationships with Plant Allies & Beyond

Do you wish your health were stronger, and wonder how to get there? Would you like to take a few more steps towards growing vitality and wellness with the support of the wild world? Come spend a beautiful summer day learning about your health, the land, and how to nurture health for yourself and the whole ecosystem through mutually beneficial relationships and interactions with our many allies of many species.

This workshop will be indoors and out, so come prepared to stroll gently in the woods and fields as well as sit by a fire or around a table we we delve into questions, practices, and skills of growing health-supporting relationships.

From 9 – 1, We’ll spend the morning learning holistic health self-assessment skills to grow our capabilities to understand the complex factors influencing our health.

We love community and connection, so we’ll pause for a leisurely lunch break from 12 – 1pm. Potluck items are welcome!

And from 1 – 4 we’ll gather anew to delve into identifying health-supporting relationships, human and otherwise, and ways to nourish them. We will take some time to practice being in relationship with wild plants and learn the basics of respectful identification, harvest, and preparation of plants & more.

Please RSVP by email directly to Kyla at and let her know whether you plan to attend either or both parts! We are hoping for a small size to be able to focus deeply on individual questions and practices, but can accommodate a larger group if we know in advance. You are also welcome to contact Kyla with questions about the workshop.

Sliding scale pricing is in effect, as well as our usual indigenous tuition waivers and reparations pricing policies. Barter and work trade to offset costs are available by request.

We ask you to pay as much as you can afford on a scale from $50 – $100 for the whole day or equivalent portions for a half day– so that we can cover costs, compensate our instructors, and keep offering these opportunities and alternative economic structures!

With gratitude and many blessings–

Trevanna, Kyla, and the whole Wildwood Path crew

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