Want there to be more nature connection in our society?

Think we can make a difference developing will and skill in people towards greater reciprocity?

There are many ways to partner with The Wildwood Path and work for these beautiful goals together!

Share financial capital!

Our Award Funds support diversity, equity and inclusion in the world of nature connection. Please give!

Our Train the Trainers fund supports continuing education for our generous leaders. All of them are constantly pursuing continuing education to enrich their capacities to share and teach… let’s help them out, and by doing so, we’ll enrich our own community immeasurably in the process. For more details on what these offerings are currently supporting, reach out and we’ll tell you their latest endeavours and learning journeys!

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Share Materials!

We need all kinds of supplies for programs– Clean out your barn or your office and support us by donating any of these items!

  1. Office Supplies (glossy printer paper, matte printer paper, name tags, folders, rulers, etc.)
  2. Art Supplies (Paint and brushes, construction paper, string and embroidery floss, etc.)
  3. Craft Supplies (Needle felting needles, wool, sponges, knives, sinew or artificial sinew, large gauge needles, leatherworking tools, leather, cedar wood, parachute cord, bandanas, clay, etc.)
  4. Wilderness Camping Supplies (Ropes, tarps, large canvas shelters, yurt or tipi frames, water jugs, coolers, shovels and trowels, buckets, roofing material, saws, canoes, paddles, life jackets, etc.)
  5. Camping Gear (sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, winter clothes and boots, rain gear, wool blankets, dutch ovens and cast iron pans, camping dishes and cutlery, camp stoves, etc.)
  6. Miscellaneous Supplies (Working Apple phones and computers, solar dehydrator, hardware cloth, bows and arrows, archery equipment, axes, animal hides, etc.)

Work with us!

Your time and skills might be the best donation! There are many ways you can help out– and grow community in the process!

  1. Landscaping at Paridae Grove — get your hands dirty and help make our land more beautiful!
  2. Trail work around our campsites. For the wild woodsfolks among us!
  3. Accounting and bookkeeping. These are not our strongest skills! Can you help?
  4. Legal advice— help us make our business a success.
  5. Bodywork for staff. Want to support us to be healthy and happy? We need it after working so hard!
  6. Fundraising. Can you help us find grants, funds, and donors?
  7. Marketing and Outreach. Will you share our events with your networks or hang flyers for us?

And more! The sky’s the limit… get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking and how we might grow a partnership!