Our school is a resource for the kinds of radical transformations

that change lives and change the world.

Our circle is an interconnected community practicing

nature connection and cultural regeneration…

Join a cohort for a chance to keep growing and evolving your skills, practices,

worldviews, and relationships as you engage with the wild, living world!


Our beloved school is evolving! Over the course of time, we’ve realized that what we are offering and doing at The Wildwood Path is not just a checklist of skills that you can learn at workshops, stick in your quiver, and call complete— we are a school of practice and are constantly exploring concrete nature-based skills and experiences as doorways into major lifestyle and mentality shifts that affect our family lives, how we approach our work in the world, and how we invest in our communities for the sake of large-scale social change. Now more than ever, in the midst of a global civil rights movement, an unpredictable pandemic, and a critical moment for the potential of healthy governance, planetary tending, and social evolution of our species, we are stepping into and claiming the true power of this work and the necessity for us to extend, expand, and evolve the teachings we are so blessed to be working with through all the avenues of our school and beyond.

Come learn, play, grow, and give with us!

At the core of The Wildwood Path is the 9-month cycle of our Learning Circle, around which our work rotates annually and which holds the central fire of our evolution. In order to honor the essence of this circle while evolving all of our capacities through this time of social upheaval, we are excited to invite you to join our re-vamped long term learning circle through our new cohort format!

All cohorts will still meet once per month on an annual 9-month cycle from October to June, with a summer break from July to September, with cohorts renewing and re-forming each Autumn… Our ideal is that four of our cohorts are able to meet monthly in person in Maine, but we are now able to offer hybrid programming that can be adapted to happen either in person or from home {with direct support from circle and staff} for times when traveling and meeting in person is not advised… due to global pandemics or any other unforeseen challenges! We are also thrilled to be able to offer for the first time two all-online cohorts so that folks who can’t travel to us can still be part of our community and seed these practices at home!

Our hybrid in person/online cohorts will remain women and/or trans only for the sake of upholding the original core of our work that gives strength and resilience to our whole school, but our new online cohorts are open to all genders. Additionally, if any of y’all cis guys out there would like to request in person programming of some kind, get a group together and make a courteous approach, and we can likely work with you to find ways to support your learning!

When applying to be part of our Circle, you can choose to enter one in person cohort (all of whom meet at the same time) and/or one or two of our online cohorts, whose dates will not conflict with one another or with the in person sessions.

For our in person cohorts, you begin with The Bear Cohort if it’s your first time with us, and can choose to expand into The Wheel Star Cohort or Light of the Land Cohort if you continue for multiple years. Teens (once we have a critical mass) can join if they have an adult point person in one of the adult cohorts, and will be in The Otter Stone Cohort until they come of age into adulthood, at which point we will celebrate them and they can choose to step into an adult Cohort—or design their own!


Hybrid In Person/Online Cohorts (Women and/or Trans Only):

The Bear Cohort:

Growing and Deepening your Capacities for Personal Nature Connection & Wilderness Skill

The Wheel Star Cohort:

Integrating the Wisdom of Nature into the Systems of Life, Work, Community, and Society

Light of the Land Cohort:

Elders Holding Space to Re-Source a Community

The Otter Stone Cohort:

Teens Exploring the Wild Edges of Selves as Nested Wholes


Online and At Home Cohorts (All Genders):

Connected to our long term learning circle but meeting only online, our new all-online cohorts are taking shape, and we couldn’t be more excited! We will work out dates with the first folks who apply, but we plan for these cohorts to meet monthly online on week days and reserve some weekends for exploring the natural world and putting our skills into practice. Please help spread the word, and join us on this new adventure!


Sun of Life Cohort: Renewing Ancient Natural Connections

An at home Wildwood journey weaving skills and practices of nature, culture, liberation, and love into your daily lives and your relationships with the living world. For this cohort, in order to join you must have at least one other participant joining with you from your local area so that you can get together in person for embodied skills and practices.

Woodward Cohort: Regenerating Economics through the Wisdom of Nature

An adventure in learning from our ecosystems as we develop our thinking and practices around investing in ways to relate with multiple forms of capital, gift economies, exchange, reciprocity, and abundance in the systems of our world. This is a cohort embarking on a journey of shared natural and cultural practices that inform our emergent economic questions, and using frameworks to develop our abilities to think through these questions. Our explorations will come together in support of the practical manifestations of our economic designs for our work and society– manifestations and specifics that will be unique to each member’s circumstances. Let’s begin!

More details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about programs are available here!


2020 – 2021 Dates and Themes

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October 2 – 4

Welcoming and Inspiration!

Approaching hazards & ways to relate with the wild and each other. Questioning “Survival”: Shelter, Water, Fire, & Food. Growing Handcraft Culture. Carving and Coal Burning. Awareness Skills.

November 6 – 8

Orientation and Motivation

Abundance of Autumn wild food & medicine; Exploring navigation in wild places and growing a “sense of direction”; Twisting together through cordage-making. Ceremonially honoring adolescence.

December 11 – 13

Focus and Depth

Exploring integrity in relationships with Native lands & ancestral skills. Approaching deep gratitude with animal hides through skinning and tanning. Winter and cold skills; Storytelling & culture-growing.

January 22 – 24

Healing and Care

Growing our skill tending and making Fire. Ancient nuances of working leather, felt, and fiber. Honoring our pain for the world & releasing grief in sacred ritual. Deep rest and deep challenge of Winter!

February 26 – 28

Practicing Presence

Embodying the wild through animal tracking and movement practice; Marine ecology and relationship. Winter wild food foraging; Pine needle basketry; growing our capabilities to seed nature connected culture in our lives. Cultivating our daily practices.

March 19 to 21

Stepping into Strength

Developing our Aim through Archery, Building our Strength with Axe and Saw skills; Starting to Weave it all together with Willow Basketry, Designing our own Rituals to honor the changing season.

April 30 to May 2

Listening to Land

Communicating with Nature through Bird Language; Games and Embodiment; Cooking with Fire; Meeting the art of Seedkeeping, and delving into nature journaling as a relational practice.

May 28 – 30

Scout Skills: Giving with Grace

What does it mean to be a modern scout? Exploring camouflage, sneaking, information gathering, offering protection, and creating support in every environment, and all in the context of celebrating an emerging Spring. Awareness beyond the 5 senses. Feeding our unique ways of contributing; dreaming up crowning achievements.

June 11 – 13

Weaving the Web

Living well with the land as we weave all of the skills, tools, crafts and visions that we’ve honed this year together to craft a culminating ceremonial wilderness experience in order to step strongly out onto our paths, birth our new offerings, and welcome ourselves and what we are tending into the next steps of our cycles within this wild world.


Get in touch if you have questions, would like to discuss more, or are ready to apply now!