Community Grief Ritual – July 2019

Join us for a dive into the waters of grief and healing at this workshop and ritual crafted to help us access and honor our grief for this amazing, struggling world.

We’ll gather at 2:30pm to bring our minds together around the meaning of grief practice and the diverse grief teachings we all carry, and we’ll move into the afternoon and evening with the invitation to acknowledge our grief directly with the Wild and to share whatever feelings emerge in a ritual container.

This work is deeply personal, deeply connective, and can be deeply private. There is space in this ritual for whatever levels of expression are coming forth for each participant.

We will wrap up around 9pm, with the acknowledgement that ritual time is unlike standard wristwatch workshop time, and we may end a bit earlier or a bit later than intended. Snacks, light dinner foods, beverages, and sweet treats (ideally made without refined sugar so our bodies can integrate them easily) are most welcome to be shared at the end of our time. Many folks lightly fast for the evening until after our ritual concludes, but you are welcome to bring food to nourish yourself in the early evening if you would like to do so!

Please bring, if you have them and feel called:
– items that connect you to your ancestors and home places
– flowers, red and blue cloths, and other offerings to beautify our space and create a welcoming environment
– drums, rattles, music makers, and your willing voices
– a journal & pen
– plenty of water, tea, or your preferred extra hydration things
– an open mind & heart

We will probably set up an official registration page, since space is limited, but for now please RSVP by emailing so that we can get a sense of the numbers and plan accordingly.

In terms of reciprocity and compensation, we are lucky to have Wendy Kaas travelling all the way from Colorado to hold space for this work, and it would be WONDERFUL if we could cover her costs and offer her a generous gift in thanks for her deep service and support as we continue to learn how to grieve and pray well. We are also committed to offering financial acknowledgement to our teachers from various lineages and those communities who are supporting us to share this work, such as the Dagara people of Burkina Faso and the Work that Reconnects community. Normal costs are $40 – $85/person, but often, asking for a suggested donation along a sliding scale is enough to generate abundance. Please consider what you can give both financially and otherwise, and help us to honor these teachings, The Wildwood Path’s work in organizing and facilitating the event, the Morgan Bay Zendo for hosting us, and Wendy’s two decades of training and leadership in this field.


With love and gratitude!

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