Listen to the Land

Do you feel called to learn and tend and grow?

Notice your Knowings

What deep within you remembers the path?

To live or to lead in these changing times asks us to be ever wiser and ever braver when it comes to connection, community, and creativity. How can the skills and teachings of the natural world inform our diverse and often dangerous paths as we navigate towards the futures we are seeding? The Wildwood Path offers support for people and groups from all walks of life who are longing to integrate deeper connections with nature and culture into their efforts to live regeneratively and cultivate deep-rooted social change.

What is the Wildwood Path?

Broadly, the Wildwood Path is a school created by and for a diverse crew of people who all share a desire to live abundantly and humbly while cultivating the skills and mentalities that we need in order to support our communities and all Life into a thriving future. To that end, we gather to collaborate and share ancient wilderness skills, learn naturalist practices, develop our mindsets around how we relate with the living world, and craft ceremonies to honor the important thresholds of life. Our programs and offerings spiral annually around a central learning circle for women and/or trans folks in which cohorts of committed members gather monthly.

All of our work is continually re-imagined in the changing context of our society. All of our offerings are supported by a disruptive and wise group of experienced mentors and elders who link this circle with the broader world of deep nature connection mentoring and social change. We are doing all this for the sake of liberation, and we have found that participation in any aspect of The Wildwood Path can be a life-changing experience that gives folks from all walks of life the skills to feel at home within the abundance of the earth– and the confidence to weave these skills into our lives– even in the face of great duress– in order to contribute to regenerating healthy culture in support of a beautiful, livable world for all.

Along with the joy and hope, an enlivening debt of responsibility comes from learning and sharing these ways of life~ things that our ancestors practiced in some way, but that we can only remember now through the leadership and generosity of Indigenous people globally. We know that our ability to live and share these “skills” comes through theft and appropriation as well as ongoing generosity and dedication to healing, and we take that debt and responsibility very seriously as we continually try to show up for reparation and for the sovereignty of the Native peoples to whom we all owe so indescribably much. We invite you to join us in this journey!

 The wisdom of nature informs and inspires all of us if we just know how to look, listen, and learn. How can your path be one of reciprocity and beauty as you work within and walk throughout this Wildwood world?


Are you worried about yourself or your children being able to survive an uncertain future? And are you questioning the narratives of lack, fear, division, and helplessness that characterize so much of how we discuss “survival”?

Do you feel like there is a living, amazing, powerful energy at work in the land that you want to listen to and learn to tend?

Do you sense a connection between Nature’s systems and the ways our human communities work– or don’t work– to uplift and regenerate?

Are you longing to grow, connect, expand, and thrive? Are you willing to wrestle with your programming, your fears, your scarcities, and your frustrations in order to create relationship, justice, and hope across vast differences of culture, species, identity, and beyond?

Would you like to relate with the more-than-human world beyond patterns of extraction and exchange? Would you like to dive deeper into regenerative ways of thinking, acting, and investing in this wild world?

Are you already in love with the living world and just want to find ways to let that love fill all your work, activism, family life, and inner landscapes with wisdom and beauty?

We’re glad you’ve found us.



We are so honored to have a home base on Wabanaki land, in Penobscot territory here in central “Maine”. Our offerings are led by the land here and you will see the cycles of these forests, gardens, rivers, oceans, and streets showing up in our designs. Our staff come from all across this continent and are based in urban, rural, and suburban zones. We hail from humid, dry, hot, cold, high, low, and more!

Many gatherings and events are based at our home based that we call Paridae Grove in Unity, Maine. We also offer services around New England and beyond, and sometimes offer all-online cohorts, webinar workshops, and remote mentoring or consulting.


The Wildwood Path offers outdoor and web-based classes and workshops year round in order to support and encourage deep nature connection for all. Check our calendar or Facebook page for information about upcoming classes, or get in touch to set one up! You can also sign up for our mailing list to receive emails a few times a year with updates on our offerings and evolutions.

Our long term learning cohorts {currently on sabbatical} run from October through June with a summer break before resuming each fall with a changing constellation of members. When meeting in person, we gather from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon once per month.


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Cultural and personal support for nature-connected living can feel like it's in short supply in our busy modern world. But in order to have an experience that radically changes our relationships with ourselves, with the wild world of which we are part, and with the spirit that connects us all, it only takes a small commitment, a supportive community, and a few dedicated mentors. The Wildwood Path provides all of these, and will empower you to learn ancient physical skills that lead to having absolute trust in the abundance and support of the Earth around us. Through practicing these skills in a safe and sacred women's circle, we'll be able to witness and support each other as we learn, celebrate, grieve, and grow together. And by reclaiming and recreating ritual and ceremony in our practice of nature skills and in our daily lives, we can ultimately regenerate the healing culture that we dream of and that the world is calling us to manifest. Through learning concrete skills, awakening our native awareness, and building lifelong bonds with friends and mentors, we will witness each other as women as we leverage our knowledge of who we are, why we're here, and how our direct connections to spirit, nature and community support us to bring forth our best selves. Join us for a year of exploring the secrets of the wild Earth that are our unclaimed birthright, the legacy of our grandmothers, and our hope for the future for ourselves, our culture and our planet!