Listen to your body

Do you feel called to delve deeply into your wild power?

Listen to the Earth

Do you feel her support?

The Wildwood Path supports a diverse group of people with a desire to learn the ancient skills of wilderness survival, nature connection, and earth-based ceremony. Our flagship program is a 9-month learning journey for women and/or trans folks in which a small circle of committed members gather monthly for weekend sessions to learn ancient wilderness skills, develop naturalist practices, and craft ceremonies to honor the important thresholds of life. Supported by a group of experienced mentors and elders who link this circle with the broader world of deep nature connection mentoring, participation in any aspect of The Wildwood Path is a life-changing experience that gives individuals the skills to feel at home within the abundance of the earth– and the confidence to weave these skills into their lives in order to regenerate healthy culture in support of a beautiful, livable world.


People of diverse ages, ethnicities, careers, backgrounds, and levels of experience join The Wildwood Path for workshops or for our flagship 9-month learning journey. For this program and many others, we all share a thirst for deep nature connection and identify as women and/or trans*. In order to make this unique culture available to all, we offer occasional all-genders programs as well, and we work to connect across differences and with complementary community groups so that we can learn from one another and the natural world as part of our re-wilding journey together. You are welcome with us!


Most workshops and our 9-month program are based at Paridae Grove in Unity, Maine. We also offer workshops and consulting services around New England and beyond.


Our flagship program is a nine month series meeting one weekend a month from October to June. These weekends run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.


On site, four season camping is available.

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Cultural and personal support for nature-connected living can feel like it's in short supply in our busy modern world. But in order to have an experience that radically changes our relationships with ourselves, with the wild world of which we are part, and with the spirit that connects us all, it only takes a small commitment, a supportive community, and a few dedicated mentors. The Wildwood Path provides all of these, and will empower you to learn ancient physical skills that lead to having absolute trust in the abundance and support of the Earth around us. Through practicing these skills in a safe and sacred women's circle, we'll be able to witness and support each other as we learn, celebrate, grieve, and grow together. And by reclaiming and recreating ritual and ceremony in our practice of nature skills and in our daily lives, we can ultimately regenerate the healing culture that we dream of and that the world is calling us to manifest. Through learning concrete skills, awakening our native awareness, and building lifelong bonds with friends and mentors, we will witness each other as women as we leverage our knowledge of who we are, why we're here, and how our direct connections to spirit, nature and community support us to bring forth our best selves. Join us for a year of exploring the secrets of the wild Earth that are our unclaimed birthright, the legacy of our grandmothers, and our hope for the future for ourselves, our culture and our planet!