Workshops and Classes

Wildwood Path staff & affiliates host workshops and classes that are open to the public throughout the year. Please see our calendar, blog posts, Facebook page, or newsletters to see if we have anything coming up, or reach out to us if you would like to help organize a specific class!

Community Gatherings and Events

Part of what makes The Wildwood Path special is that we are nested within many community systems. Community gatherings and celebrations are a way to honor what we are learning and practicing and to share with our families and friends. These are often hosted to share skills, celebrate the seasons, or share our cultures. We ask that our inclusive relationship protocols be followed and an offering towards our Indigenous Tuition Waivers and Reparations Awards be contributed if possible at these gatherings. Let us know if you would like to host one or attend one!

Private Classes

Our staff is available to teach private classes to individuals, groups, or families in any of our areas of expertise (wilderness survival, herbalism, many handcrafts, wildlife tracking, bird language, hide tanning and processing animals, plant and tree id, nature games for all ages, earth-based singing, wild food harvest and preparation, archery, axe and knife skills, earth-based painting & dyeing, canoeing, knots and lashings, natural first aid, fire skills, pottery, cordage, and more). Get in touch to chat about costs and contributions towards reciprocity and to schedule an exploratory phone call to plan your dream day!


The Wildwood Path loves to collaborate! Please get in touch if you would like to host, co-host, co-design, or hire us for a project, workshop, training, or any creative way to partner for the support of nature connection in every corner of our world!

Some of our annual collaborations and events at which you can be sure to find our staff include:

  • New England Bird Language Intensive
  • Vermont Art of Mentoring
  • Northeast Wildlife Trackers Conference
  • MOFGA’s Farm and Homestead Day and Common Ground Fair
  • Wild Maine Witch Camp
  • Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island Ceremony
  • Maine Herbalist Gathering
  • Nature Connection Leadership Conference
  • And More!