Trevanna has a deep and true respect for the extensive diversity of learning styles that exist among students. She adds wit and humor to her teachings while upholding the integrity and significance of the skills.

Sable - Portland, Maine

Trevanna has a beautiful gift for mentoring Earth connection. Her gift for mentoring arises from her genuine and passion filled relationship to the Earth. She has this incredible ability, in which she is able to bring her community together and get them excited about being in relationship with the Earth; along with the practical/spiritual tools to help them deepen this relationship.

Jahan - Bridgton, ME

Trevanna is a powerful leader, in the most authentic meaning of the term. She holds holistic awareness for groups with love, compassion, curiosity, and passion. She leads by creating space for others, and expects and seeks wisdom in each group.

Rocky - Whitefield, ME

Trevanna quite literally helped me on my journey to find my own voice. Her kind, yet fierce spirit shines through in the songs and teaching that she shares freely with her community. I have a short list of heroes; she’s one.

Mae - Boston, MA

I had the good fortune to work with Trevanna at Camp Forest last summer, where she was the Assistant Director. Trevanna harmonizes the essences of a true naturalist and a true teacher. She is knowledgeable about the natural world in general and the local, specific, raw natural world around us with its flora, fauna, and their properties, interrelationships and practical applications. Trevanna personifies the openness, curiosity, intimate receptiveness to and responsibility for the natural world which make for a genuine, not just academic, seeker of knowledge. And if that wasn’t enough, she shares her knowledge with such humility, compassion and enthusiasm that those around her are naturally inspired to want to learn, and participate.

Trevanna has been a source of inspiration and direction for my primitive skills learning journey. Her events have brought members of the community together to work on those skills . She lives what she teaches and is a great role model.

Gabby - Canaan, ME

Trevanna is one of the most passionate, motivated, loving, and deeply rooted people I know. I am always incredibly inspired after spending time with her, and she has a way of reaching every person individually on some level. She mentors with profound grace and it is truly an art to witness!

Darilynn - Boulder, CO

Trevanna’s daily work and teaching is infused with appropriate, healthy mega-doses of singing, movement arts, silent reflection and prayer.  While working with her, one often feels like every step and word contributes to a deeper eco-cultural relationship and community- building, an evolving process of becoming part of a world beyond and greater than ourselves. Trevanna is a friend to birds, mushrooms, and children. She has a gift for making fascinating and deep nature lore, cultural artifacts and practical wilderness skills accessible and fun to people of all ages. She can communicate and successfully resolve the struggles of individual children as well as more complex social dynamics. Trevanna manages learning, teaching, and collaborating with students, colleagues and parents with immaculate tact and grace.

Maria - Washington, Maine

My experience with the Wildwood Path community left an indelible impression on me– as a guest, I felt honored, respected, welcomed, and ultimately embraced by a group of inclusive souls whose eagerness to learn and connect to the land and each other felt deeply rooted. Meals were lovingly cooked and shared, songs were ample, and a general sense of common heart-centered intention infused the space. I left knowing that Trevanna, Kyla, and the various guest teachers’ combined earth wisdom is supporting each of the participants through their journey of deepening into ritual and earth based skills. I can’t wait to return!

Wendy - Boulder, CO