Wildlife Tracking Workshop Coming Up!

Wildlife tracking as an avenue for becoming fully alive & in relationship with the living world that hold us so generously– what a concept! Join Trevanna Frost Grenfell of The Wildwood Path, George Leoniak of CyberTracker and The Mindful Tracker, and Jon Young of the 8 Shields Institute for a long weekend of deep tracking– of our outer and inner landscapes, as well as the landscape of the world within which we are nested. This workshop will take us deep … Read More

Tracking for the Joy of it

From the perspective of an apprentice: I know basically nothing about tracking. I don’t have any guidebooks, I usually forget to bring a ruler along with me, and my smartphone doesn’t work (except as a camera)┬áin the woods. So I’m not gaining knowledge very quickly. But I LOVE going out after a snow and following all of the paths as they loop around the fields and woods, speculating on the identity and motivations of the animal and the timing of … Read More