Rev. Dr. Anu Dudley

As an elder and a Pagan minister of earth-based spirituality, Anu (she/her) feels called to help people discover, explore, and celebrate their own earth-based spiritual paths. She practices in the Reclaiming Tradition and her ministry centers education and community-building. She was ordained in the International Fellowship of Isis and is affiliated with the Temple of the Feminine Divine in Bangor, Maine. A retired college history professor, she now teaches in the Temple’s Iseum Musicum, the School of the Muse, and its three-year ordination curriculum in earth-based spirituality and Pagan ethics. She appears regularly on WERU Community Radio’s “Esoterica” and “Voices” where she discusses aspects of Pagan practice. Anu offers grounded wisdom to our community and it is a joy to work and play with her at the Wildwood Path and beyond.