Wendy Kaas

For most of her adult life, Wendy Kaas (she/her or they/them) has been in eager pursuit of the inherent magic and mysticism of nature. After a massive perspective-changing healership training in Plant Spirit Medicine, she has resided in genuine awe and wonder at the human potential to be in deep relationship with the natural world. This discovery has led Wendy to their teacher Malidoma Some, a West African elder helping to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships to our ancestors and to the inherent consciousnesses of nature. Born and raised just outside of New York City, Wendy still can’t believe that they can now make a fire from a hand-carved bow drill set and tan animal hides by smushing brains into them. She loves traveling and is really happy to tell you about the time she sailed around the world… but mostly she’s just grateful to be here on this earth, surrounded by inspiring people and the beautiful wilderness of her Colorado home. Wendy is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity through Naropa University in order to hone her capability to support the sacred through ceremony and more.The Wildwood Path is honored to welcome Wendy as a guest once a year to support us in facilitating a grief ritual mid-way through our 9 month journey, and to host occasional workshops or rituals.