Trevanna Frost Littlefield Grenfell

Trevanna (they/them or she/her) is a nature connection mentor who has been teaching wilderness living skills, leading backcountry trips, and facilitating women’s and girl’s rites of passage programs for over a decade. Trevanna has a passion for sharing nature skills with all, and is motivated to support the ongoing examination and construction of healthy community. After travelling the country and the world to seek support and mentoring around how to build regenerative community through nature connection, Trevanna is thrilled to be offering these gifts in Maine, where the Littlefield family has lived for over 400 years, for better or for worse! In the Wildwood Path, Trevanna is bringing together diverse experiences of working deeply with the 8-Shields cultural regeneration model, practicing ancient nature skills with the “Maine Primitive Skills School”, directing women’s and childrens’ programs for 3 years with Feet on the Earth Programs in Colorado, and working as a mentor or consultant with over a dozen other survival schools, wilderness camps, and nature programs over the past 15 years. In this work with rites of passage and initiation, Trevanna brings an all-inclusive sacred depth that makes space for many teachings, including those they have received from a variety of communities and traditions such as an the United Methodist Church, work with Sobonfu Some, participation in the Reclaiming Tradition, and personal experience of crafting community ceremony that meets the needs of the local people and land. With the support of elders and mentors, Trevanna continues to learn and grow in a deepening nature connection journey as well as joyously sharing these skills and practices with the world. Trevanna is the founder and director of The Wildwood Path, and is the primary coordinator and facilitator of workshops and consulting services.