Sangoma Oludoye

Sangoma Olodoye (she/her), Sacred Activist, is a wife, mother, and grandmother. A traditional Yoruba priestess, Afin chief and member of the Egbe Moremi, National African Women’s Society in the Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village, located in Sheldon SC.. North America’s oldest, authentic African community, Sangoma met Oyotunji’s founder and Father of the Cultural Restoration movement in 1969 at the age of 12. A Sangoma speaks of a tribe of healers and diviners with indigenous gifts of ancestral medicine from South Africa. Sangoma graduated from Clark University, Worcester, Mass in 1977 with a BA in Theatre Arts, After a 20 year career in broadcast journalism , television, radio and cable…life presented the opportunity to explore shamanism, women’s history, movement, pan-Africanism and Wise woman Traditions. Sangoma has taught at numerous summer camps and Earthskills gatherings, including as Director and primary instructor for 180 “at risk” youth between 9-14 in the Camp Champion, summer program in Thomson, Ga. Sangoma has more than 25 years in her priesthood, female rites of passage programs, women’s wisdom councils and weekend empowerment retreats. An artist, facilitator, and cultural preservationist, we are honored to have Sangoma’s support and mentorship.