Rev. Linda Littlefield Grenfell

Linda (she/her) has spent her whole life fascinated by ancient ways of living with the land, and after a long career as a minister in the United Methodist Church, a grief counselor, a college Ethics professor, and a (sometimes} high school English teacher, she retired and promptly began working at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farms, where she leads nature walks and sea kayaking tours. After getting her Maine Guide License in Sea Kayaking and becoming a Maine Master Naturalist, Linda is ready to take on the world in her elder years and brings her skills as a counselor and elder-in-training as well as an outdoors-woman to the Wildwood Path. She loves to read, write, walk in the woods (with and without dogs), bake bread, and have exciting new experiences like sleeping outside in sub-zero temperatures in natural shelters!