Rachel Marco-Havens

Rachel Marco-Havens (she/her or they/them} is a multi disciplinary “solutionary” artist.  Her primary medium, communication, ignites collaborative conversations, which often lead motivated people to take inspired, regenerative action in their own communities. 35 years of deliberate personal expansion, including immersion in Tibetan Buddhist studies, provide the foundation for Rachel’s art, advocacy and activation. She continuously invites us to recognize the interconnectivity between social, environmental and spiritual justice movements. Of mixed race heritage and unconventional upbringing, Rachel began inner-exploration early in life in order to find her way within the seemingly disparate cultural communities she was being raised in. Now, be it facilitating workshops, sharing stories, creating art, delivering a keynote, moderating or participating in a panel discussion or whipping up a party—Rachel moves the energy from the ripples of conversation to waves of inspired activity. Perpetual travel through a landscape of diverse socio-economic, racial, spiritual and environmental experiences has provided her with strong tools. A sovereign approach allows her to work with fluidity, as a bridge between communities, projects and individuals, and we are honored and overjoyed to have her as a regular guest mentor and advisor at The Wildwood Path. Check out Rachel’s work and don’t hesitate to reach out if you could use some of her magic leadership wisdom in your projects!