Murphy Robinson

Director of Mountainsong Expeditions in Vermont, Murphy (they/them) is a seasoned outdoor guide and women/trans program leader.  Murphy is passionate about helping others reconnect to the spirit of the land by becoming competent and comfortable in the wilderness, and some of their favorite skills to share are safe and responsible backcountry camping, canoeing, archery, wilderness survival (shelter, fire, navigation), woodland crafts, first aid, and ethical hunting.  Murphy sees wilderness expeditions as a path to personal empowerment and spiritual connection with the land and our deepest selves.  As medieval scholar and teacher in the Reclaiming Tradition,  Murphy holds an intention to honor the universal sense of spiritual connection to the land that is deeply nourishing to all people, regardless of their religious affiliation. Murphy lives in rural Vermont and comes to us for a special Spring visit to teach archery & ax skills, and to share about sacred hunting practices. We are grateful to Murphy for supporting and encouraging Wildwood Path participants to step into strength and gain skills with confidence!