Joy Gary

Joy (she/her) is a lifelong Boston resident who loves to write, farm, and visit restaurants to explore new flavors and cultures. She is passionate about community, food, and sustainable development and has spent her career at the intersection of these values. After studying culinary management she dedicated her time to supporting regenerative systems development, food justice, and education through urban agriculture projects, The Food Project and ReVision Urban Farm. Joy has experience actively designing and building gardens for residents in and around Boston, and has long been interested in creating opportunities for residents to create community sufficiency and to build entrepreneurial capacity. She has worked in legal real estate and retail, and brings her skills of communication, community development, and design to her work as a farm manager with Greater Ashmont Main Street as well as to the Wildwood Path, where she comes as a guest mentor to share about listening to the land, tending the wild, and growing community through connection with nature in both urban and rural environments.