Hannah Sol Rhea

Hannah (she/her) began collecting & cultivating earth skills when she was sixteen… She says that her garden first showed her the world of wild edibles and medicinals, and she followed those plants out of the garden into the world of ancestral skills and the wild ways of the earth. Hannah has studied and worked at various primitive skills school such as Hawk Circle, Flying Deer and Maine Primitive Skills School, and has traveled nomadically, sometimes with pack animals, gathering skills in other countries. Hannah is an experienced hide tanner, crazy about wild fiber arts, and has a strong passion for crafting with raw materials from the earth. Hannah’s commitment to continually developing an intimate connection with the earth and to stepping fully into her role as a caretaker with her is a perfect match for The Wildwood Path, and we are lucky to have her join us annually to share hide tanning skills and more. Check out her school at Way of the Earth School to see more of what she’s up to!