Caitlin Horigan

Caitlin (she/her), a multi-talented queer leader, traveled the world and honed her business skills before her introduction to tracking, bird language, plant medicine, shelter building, scout skills, and off-grid living in 2014, when she lived and worked at the Maine Primitive Skills School. She has been instrumental in the creation and continuance of The Wildwood Path since it’s inception and is a regular guest mentor as well as a community cross-pollinator and digital wizard. Caitlin has completed a graduate certificate program in Ecopsychology at Pacifica and is being mentored through Animas Institute in facilitating the work of Bill Plotkin. She is also a Forest Therapy Guide, and works locally leading place-based self directed learning programs for youth. Caitlin also practices and teaches permaculture and yoga, and is a treasure trove of enthusiasm and skill in support of nature connection!