Are you ready to enter into a deeper relationship with the Earth in which you caretake her and are taken care of in turn?

Learning “primitive” skills opens the doorway to a journey of connection, inspiration, and regeneration that can change your life and change the world.

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October 6 – 8

Welcoming and Inspiration!

Navigating hazards and getting comfortable in the wild. Basic survival skills: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food. Making coal-burned spoons and beginning the cycle of the year through ceremony. Playing and connecting!

November 3 – 5

Orientation and Motivation:

Fall Wild Food Harvest and medicine-making; Navigation and honing a “sense of direction”; Cordage-making and advanced shelters. Reclaiming and honoring our own adolescent Rites of Passage.

December 1 – 3

Focus and Depth:

Working with animal hides; Winter camping skills; Storytelling and culture-building, Gratitude ceremony and practice.

January 19 – 21

Healing and Care:

Growing skills with Fire; Leatherworking and Pouch-making; Honoring our pain for the world & releasing grief in sacred ritual.

February 16 – 18

Relaxing and Connecting:

Wildlife tracking and winter marine ecology; Winter wild food foraging; Pine needle basketry; claiming our own leadership and community skills.

March 16 – 18

Stepping into Strength:

Archery workshop; felling trees and splitting wood with Axe and Saw; sacred harvest circle; Fire by Friction; Equinox ritual.

April 20 – 22

Oneness with the Wild:

The secrets of bird language; Cooking with Fire; wild embodiment and advanced awareness practices.

May 18 – 20

Deepening the Journey:

Forest Scout Skills! Camouflage, sneaking, and stalking. Spring wild edibles harvest; Dreaming up and digging down into personal passions; working on final projects,

June 1 – 3

Weaving the Web:

Living with the land as we use all of our skills, tools, crafts and visions to craft a culminating ceremonial wilderness experience in order to step strongly out onto our paths and initiate ourselves into the next steps of our journeys with the wild.