One weekend a month of support, training, and inspiration for your journey of nature connection & cultural regeneration. Join us for an immersive 9 month women’s and/or trans learning journey with The Wildwood Path!

Learning these ancient skills opens doorways to connection & reciprocity that will change your life and change the world.


Our 9-month immersion for women and/or trans people is our “flagship” program and is highly recommended for any women and/or trans folks who are looking to deeply transform their ways of relating to the land and their community. In this program, we share wilderness skills, naturalist practices, and earth-based ceremony as we follow a natural cycle of growth throughout the year. The program can be spiraled through at advancing levels year after year if your growth is continuing within the container. We are also moving into our 3rd year of offering a concurrent learning circle for 9-month program alums as well… More details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the program are available here!


2019 – 2020 Dates and Topics

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October 11 to 13

Welcoming and Inspiration!

Navigating hazards and getting comfortable in the wild. Basic survival skills: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food. Making coal-burned spoons and beginning the cycle of the year through ceremony. Playing and connecting!

November 8 to 10

Orientation and Motivation

Fall Wild Food Harvest and medicine-making; Navigation and honing a “sense of direction”; Cordage-making and advanced shelters. Reclaiming and honoring our own adolescent Rites of Passage.

November 29 to December 1

Focus and Depth

Working with animal hides through skinning and tanning, Winter camping skills and cold tolerance training; Storytelling and culture-building, Gratitude ceremony and practice.

January 17 to 19

Healing and Care

Growing skills with Fire; Leatherworking and Pouch-making; Honoring our pain for the world & releasing grief in sacred ritual.

February 21 to 23

Practicing Presence

Wildlife tracking and winter marine ecology; Winter wild food foraging; Pine needle basketry; growing leadership and community skills.

March 27 to 29

Stepping into Strength

Archery workshop; Axe and Saw skills; Fire by Friction; Hand Crafts, Equinox ritual.

April 24 to 26

Listening to the Land

The secrets of bird language; Cooking with Fire; Tending Seeds, advanced awareness skills, and nature journaling as a connective {rather than extractive} at home practice.

May 22 to 24

Scout Skills: Giving with Grace

Forest & Urban Scout Skills! Camouflage, sneaking, and stalking. Awareness beyond the 5 senses. Spring wild edibles harvest; Dreaming up and digging down into personal passions; working on final projects,

June 12 to 14

Weaving the Web

Living with the land as we use all of our skills, tools, crafts and visions to craft a culminating ceremonial wilderness experience in order to step strongly out onto our paths and welcome ourselves into the next steps of our journeys with this wild world.

Wildwood Alums!


Have you completed one 9 month cycle of this Wildwood Path journey, but want to go deeper with your learning?

We are excited to be able to offer an advanced study program for returning participants who want to take that deeper dive. This program runs jointly with the first time participants’ circle, with extra time and the beginnings and ends of our weekends for focused learning, extra offerings during our all-group time together, and more flexibility to design, and enact your own curriculum. The program is flexible but is roughly divided into two tracks:

Mentoring Track: Build your mentoring, teaching, and leadership skills. Practice Art of Questioning, “Acorn” style leadership, and how to share skills at the Wildwood Path and beyond. Join the behind-the-scenes planning and visioning processes and challenge yourself to share your gifts as a leader and guide so that you can more skillfully facilitate nature connected programming in a variety of contexts.

Meets monthly. Fridays 1pm – Sundays 3pm.

Skill-Building Track: Feel like you just started to scratch the surface on the skills we learned in Tier I? Want more time to practice and learn in a community of supportive mentors and peers? Come hone your naturalist and survival skills through supported learning within the context of the broader Wildwood Path community. Participate in personal and group challenges and missions, develop competencies in selected skill areas, and gain confidence and more expertise in the topics introduced in Tier I.

Meets monthly. Fridays 3pm – Sundays 3pm with optional extended time Friday afternoons to work on personal projects or connect with the other advanced participants.

Both Tracks include and require:

  • A 1 hour Mentoring Call (or visit) with a lead mentor each month.
  • Participation in (3) Wildwood Path events or workshops between October – June in addition to regular weekend sessions.
  • Optional extra gatherings or practice times for Tier II participants to be scheduled once the group has formed.
  • Support to design and offer a community workshop or advanced project relating to your personal interests and program focus.

This advanced program is application-based will be priced along the same sliding scale as Tier I.

Applications are due July 15th… and space is limited!

Get in touch if you have questions, would like to discuss more, or are ready to apply now!