After successfully sending more folks from Maine to Standing Rock last week, we at the Wildwood Path are now in touch with three more crews of solid, reliable people in our community leaving from around here in the coming weeks. One car on the 2nd (coordinated by Sarah Oliver), one on the 6th (coordinated by Murphy Robinson), and one around the 18th (coordinated by Caitlin Horigan). This means three more chances to GO WITH THEM!– three more chances to send useful supplies– and three more chances to chip in to cover COSTS to make it possible for more people to stay there longer and offer support on the front lines. Please donate if you can! You can donate multiple times!

Time is of the essence since violence is escalating as the oil folks are trying to push forward construction before winter. The water protectors are in danger, yet they are trying to winterize their camps so they can stay PUT and prevent the pipeline from progressing. We must act now.

I, Trevanna, am frequently moved to tears– and then to further action– by this situation and by the courage and dedication of these folks who are putting themselves on the line to defend our lands and waters– as many of these tribes have been doing for thousands of years, often in the face of violent oppression. Will you join them by donating or by heading out there yourself? Thank you!

What do they need right now, exactly?

From Lolly Bee at Sacred Stone Camp:

– Shelter first and foremost, those winds tear apart regular tents and we have elders and others who have nowhere to sleep. We need Military and canvas tents and tipis.

– Dry and ideally chopped firewood (we can split it here too but less work is always nice). And protectors on site “stop with the bonfires, put on more clothes or share a fire instead of using wood inefficiently”. Axes, wood splitters, chain saws, bar oil and fuel.

– Strong, good quality metal tent stakes with the T, (flat piece on top not just curved or straight).

– Heavy duty tarps and strong rope.

– Wooden pallets, hay bales, big pieces of wood for building.

– Tipi liners, canvas can be made into them by seamstress in Rosebud anyone have her info?

– Propane and gasoline for generators, heaters, and cars.

– Tools of various kinds for building and splitting wood, batteries of all kinds, gorilla/strong duct tape, solar charging lights, handwarmers (is there a sustainable/reusable version?), hot water bottles the soft rubber kind that are covered and can be filled and put in beds, large ceramic flower pots that can have coals/stones from fire put in them for heat at night.

– Wood stoves.

– Snow boots snowpants gloves (not mittens), heavy wool blankets, zero degree sleeping bags.