Consulting and Training Offerings

Are you trying to make a difference in the world through your business or organization?

Longing for the designs and structures of your work to be more in alignment with nature’s patterns and systems?

Seeking out more diversity, leadership, and innovation in these generative times when “business as usual” is disrupted?

Do you aspire for your business, organization, or group to develop:

  • Regenerative relationships with multiple forms of capital, people involved in your work, the systems you’re trying to optimize, and the living world?
  • An enthusiastic and empowered team of staff and stakeholders who work together creatively and passionately in support of the vision, mission, and multiple bottom lines of your work?
  • Clear and effective implementation of values and practices that uplift diversity within your group and the world?
  • Work designs and structures that reflect the changing times and support the agency and development of everyone in your team and your clients and communities?


The Wildwood Path is honored to be a resource to support your development on this journey.

Work with us via three distinct paths:

Long Term Leadership Coaching: Work one-on-one with one of us as you engage in a long term, transformational process of practicing how to think about your work and its impacts in dynamic, relational terms; focusing and honing your approaches and practices to getting things done effectively; and both grounding and elevating your work design so that it is both sourced from and acting in service to the complex systems of the wild, living world.

Honing the Vision and Direction of your Work: Re-imagine the large-scale systems-level impacts of your work by evaluating and upgrading the assumptions and paradigms of thought through which your goals, structures, and work systems are designed. Begin to see your optimal ways of operating, contributing, and evolving your unique role in this changing world. Amplify staff agency, creativity, and effectiveness by enlightening the sources of direction and guiding principles of your work and by aligning the entire team around clear, actionable goals and agreements.

Creating the Conditions for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice: Water the seeds of growth and resilience within your team and in the world by practicing centering essence and uplifting the unique potentials of staff and stakeholders. Learn to apply awareness practices to self-reflect and evolve your thinking, practices, and structures in order to uproot the legacies of oppression in your work and uplift our liberated futures together.


We are passionate about nature connection as an avenue towards social transformation, and have seen the impacts of bringing nature-based leadership training into businesses, organizations and other teams and communities. Our work leverages the mentalities, skills and practices of nature connection in conjunction with radical explorations of reciprocity, diversity, and development as ways to growth our social systems through learning from the natural world. If your group could use resourcing about how to take a step into the next level of practice and impact through nature connection & cultural regeneration, please reach out to us to schedule an call to explore whether partnering with us would be a good fit.

Staff Available:

Trevanna Frost Littlefield Grenfell, Alejandro Levins, Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo, Aviva Luz Argote, Moriah Helms, Rachel Marco-Havens.

One-on-One Nature Connection Mentoring Offerings

Many people find that regular one-on-one support is necessary in order for them to make the kind of growth that they long for in their natural and cultural regeneration journey– especially in the face of the vast numbness of society at large. If regular one-on-one connections by phone, video, or in person would be of use to you, you can work with one of our staff to design a session and/or a schedule that would be helpful in your unique circumstance.

Staff Available:

Kyla Hershey-Wilson, Whit Annicelli, Trevanna Frost Littlefield Grenfell, Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo, Moriah Helms, Rachel Marco-Havens, Sangoma Oludoye.

Contact us if you would like to set up a session with any of these remarkable folks!