Whether you stay directly involved with the long term learning circle in any given year or not, everyone who has participated in a cohort in the past is part of a growing crew of alums whom we call the Wild Alliums. As usual, a gender-liberated and wild iteration of a name… and a cohort all their own!

We occasionally offer events for Wild Alliums, sometimes to attend with their friends and family as well, and are excited to see some Alliums taking more initiative to put together things like canoe trips, reunions, and workshops within this beautiful umbrella of like-minded souls. Wild Alliums mostly stay connected via an email group, and we don’t usually post their events on the web, so if you’re a Wild Allium and not on that list and want to be, send us a note!


Also, just send us a note to say hi! We always love hearing from our old friends and being connected in this big world.