Sangoma Oludoye

Sangoma Olodoye (she/her), Sacred Activist, is a wife, mother, and grandmother. A traditional Yoruba priestess, Afin chief and member of the Egbe Moremi, National African Women’s Society in the Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village, located in Sheldon SC.. North America’s oldest, authentic African community, Sangoma met Oyotunji’s founder and Father of the Cultural Restoration movement in 1969 at the age of 12. A Sangoma speaks of a tribe of healers and diviners with indigenous gifts of ancestral medicine from…… Read More

Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo

Estephanie comes to us via paths winding from Venezuela to Boston to Maine and beyond. She is committed to tending land and community and to uplifting the deep nature connection inherent in all people, but especially urban folks, BIPOC folks, and anyone who feel like these ancestral skills are hard to access. Estephanie spends her time…… Read More

Nikos Kavanya

Nikos Kavanya (she/her or ki/kin) comes from a long lineage of farmers and has always had dirt under her fingernails: as an herbalist, as a market grower, and as the seed maven of Fedco Seeds. As an elder and friend living in deep community through relationship, shared labor, and shared love of the magic of the world, Nikos brings her gifts through storytelling, visioning, beauty-making, and so much more. We are honored that Nikos supports the Wildwood Path with…… Read More

Kyla Hershey-Wilson

A registered nurse, herbalist, and activist, Kyla (she/her or they/them) has studied and worked with various plant healers for over ten years. Kyla has focused on plants that grow in central and coastal Maine and on areas of health that are under-addressed by modern western medicine, including women’s and queer health specifically. Kyla has studied group dynamics, is trained as a facilitator, and has a lifetime of experience with…… Read More

Caitlin Horigan

Caitlin (she/her), a multi-talented queer leader, traveled the world and honed her business skills before her introduction to tracking, bird language, plant medicine, shelter building, scout skills, and off-grid living in 2014, when she lived and worked at the Maine Primitive Skills School. She has been instrumental in the creation and continuance of The Wildwood Path since it’s inception and is…… Read More

Joy Gary

Joy (she/her) is a lifelong Boston resident who loves to write, farm, and visit restaurants to explore new flavors and cultures. She is passionate about community, food, and sustainable development and has spent her career at the intersection of these values. After studying culinary management she dedicated her time to supporting regenerative systems development, food justice, and education through urban agriculture projects…… Read More

Murphy Robinson

Director of Mountainsong Expeditions in Vermont, Murphy (they/them) is a seasoned outdoor guide and women/trans program leader.  Murphy is passionate about helping others reconnect to the spirit of the land by becoming competent and comfortable in the wilderness, and some of their favorite skills to share are safe and responsible backcountry camping, canoeing, archery, wilderness survival (shelter, fire, navigation), woodland crafts, first aid, and ethical hunting.  Murphy sees…… Read More

Sierra Henries

Sierra (she/her) has been an artist and a naturalist since birth, when she was named “Sierra Autumn” for the mountains and the season of tree splendor here in the Northeast, where she has lived for her whole life. Born in Nipmuc territory down in Rhode Island, Sierra and her family left the land of their Nipmuc people and ancestors and moved to Maine when Sierra was a baby, and she has been watching birds, identifying whales, and…… Read More

Rev. Dr. Anu Dudley

As an elder and a Pagan minister of earth-based spirituality, Anu (she/her) feels called to help people discover, explore, and celebrate their own earth-based spiritual paths. She practices in the Reclaiming Tradition and her ministry centers education and community-building. She was ordained in the International Fellowship of Isis and is affiliated with the Temple of the Feminine Divine in Bangor, Maine. A retired college history professor, she now teaches in the Temple’s Iseum Musicum, the School of the Muse, and…… Read More

Aviva Luz Argote

Aviva comes to us along winding roads that span cities, forests, gardens, and university classrooms. She found her way to deep nature connection from a seed in her childhood spent running with her father along the Mahicantuck/Hudson River in New York City, where she grew up learning to make sense of her surroundings through the lens of her bilingual and bicultural family. Not originally identifying as a “nature person”, Aviva consciously discovered later in her life that the wild lives everywhere, and now interweaves lessons from Nature into her work acting as a resource for social sector leadership development and non-profit board and staff evolution. Aviva lives…… Read More

Hannah Sol Rhea

Hannah (she/her) began collecting & cultivating earth skills when she was sixteen… She says that her garden first showed her the world of wild edibles and medicinals, and she followed those plants out of the garden into the world of ancestral skills and the wild ways of the earth. Hannah has studied and worked at…… Read More

Rev. Linda Littlefield Grenfell

Linda (she/her) has spent her whole life fascinated by ancient ways of living with the land, and after a long career as a minister in the United Methodist Church, a grief counselor, a college Ethics professor, and a (sometimes} high school English teacher, she retired and promptly began working at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farms, where she leads nature walks and sea kayaking tours. After getting her Maine Guide License in Sea Kayaking and becoming a Maine Master Naturalist, Linda is…… Read More

Moriah Helms

Moriah (she/her or they/them) is a homesteader, community-builder, and radical life coach who integrates nature connection and earth-based living into anti-capitalist business and pleasure. At the Wildwood Path, she supports the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the group through facilitation, teaching, listening, and modeling ways to live in integrity with self, community, and land. In her coaching work, she…… Read More

Trevanna Frost Littlefield Grenfell

Trevanna (they/them or she/her) is a nature connection mentor who has been teaching wilderness living skills, leading backcountry trips, and facilitating women’s and girl’s rites of passage programs for over a decade. Trevanna has a passion for sharing nature skills with all, and is motivated to support the ongoing examination and construction of healthy community. After travelling the country and the world to seek support and mentoring around how to build regenerative community through nature connection, Trevanna is thrilled to be offering these gifts in Maine, where the Littlefield family has lived for over 400 years, for better or for worse! In the Wildwood Path, Trevanna is bringing together…… Read More

Pinar Sinopolous-Lloyd

Pınar (they/them) is an indigenous futurist, mentor, consultant and ecophilosopher; co-founder of Queer Nature, an “organism” stewarding earth-based queer community through ancestral skills, interspecies solidarity and rites of passage. Enchanted by the liminal, Pınar is an neurodivergent enby with Huanca, Turkish and Chinese lineages.
As a QTIBIPOC outdoor catalyst, their inspiration is envisioning…… Read More

Whit Annicelli

Whit (he/him or they/them) is known for bringing cold tolerance training, chainsaw skills, goose eggs, good jokes, and woodsy queer fashion to our workshops and gatherings. After growing up in Wampanoag Territory on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Whit began to explore the intersections of nature connection and cultural healing by living on a permaculture farm for a year, studying ancestral healing and grief work in the lineage of Malidoma Somé (especially with the remarkable teacher Ann Sousa), and diving into…… Read More

Wendy Kaas

For most of her adult life, Wendy Kaas (she/her or they/them) has been in eager pursuit of the inherent magic and mysticism of nature. After a massive perspective-changing healership training in Plant Spirit Medicine, she has resided in genuine awe and wonder at the human potential to be in deep relationship with the natural world. This discovery has led Wendy to their teacher Malidoma Some, a West African elder helping to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships to our ancestors and to the inherent consciousnesses of nature. Born and raised…… Read More

Rachel Marco-Havens

Rachel Marco-Havens (she/her or they/them} is a multi disciplinary “solutionary” artist.  Her primary medium, communication, ignites collaborative conversations, which often lead motivated people to take inspired, regenerative action in their own communities. 35 years of deliberate personal expansion, including immersion in Tibetan Buddhist studies, provide the foundation for Rachel’s art, advocacy and activation. She continuously invites us to…… Read More

Cloe Chunn

Cloe (she/her) is a naturalist, outdoor educator, former high school and college teacher, artist, and Registered Maine Guide.  Author of Fifty Hikes in the Maine Mountains (W.W. Norton), Cloe has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, and has explored wild country as far afield as Antarctica, where she did geological research during graduate school.Cloe’s aim is to highlight and preserve Earth’s natural systems, and to help humans recognize and restore their connections…… Read More