Running a business in a capitalist society while working to grow alternative economic structures that regenerate life is a tricky… business!

We are deeply aware of the structural injustices in our world, and approach our work with profound gratitude for all the teachers of traditional skills who have fought to keep cultural wisdom alive despite massive oppression. As the recipients of this hard-fought knowledge from diverse cultures and lineages around the world, we know that we will never be able to repay the debt we owe to those who have kept these ancient skills alive at great cost. In our attempts to regenerate a vibrant culture of strength, resilience, and adaptability, we are striving to continually grow more difference and diversity in our own growing community. A diverse and thriving social system mimics a healthy ecosystem, where species of many varieties all live and work together in a balance that enables the ecosystem as a whole to respond to challenges with multiple tactics.


At The Wildwood Path, we welcome these enriching differences and the challenges that approaching reparation presents—and we are aware of the need for proactive steps to create a more equitable landscape of opportunity within the context of our unjust world. Our pricing and financial policies reflect our learning process and our commitment to engaging with reciprocity through many forms of capital while generating abundance for our communities. Please join us!

As a predominantly White-led organization operating programs on unceded indigenous land and teaching many skills shared with us by Native folks and People of Color over generations, we are aware of these great debts that we owe, and of our responsibility to make what reparation and cessation we can for the ongoing harm. So, as part of our commitment to justice (and in addition to supporting the deep personal work of facing our oppressive patterns in community), The Wildwood Path is honored to offer several reparations programs:


Indigenous Tuition Waivers

Indigenous people are welcome to attend all Wildwood Path programs free of charge. Thank you for all you are doing to keep culture, land, and community thriving in these difficult times. There is no way to express our gratitude nor our debt to you, and we are honored and grateful for your presence at our programs and your contributions to our community. Kci woliwoni.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

These funds will be awarded to individuals who apply to participate in the Wildwood Path’s programs (or are recommended to teach in our programs), and who offer significant diversifying and strengthening elements to our community.

If you have experienced marginalization in the environmental field or consider yourself to be fit for this fund, please reach out! Applicants or nominees can be awarded partial or full tuition breaks as well as stipends support them to attend programs, depending on availability of funds. We appreciate your trust and the hard work that you do by attending a program in a field that continues to be exclusive and marginalizing of so many people, and we want to work together to improve these conditions in the world AND support your learning in the now. Thank you!

Sliding Scale Payment System

The majority of our programs are run on a sliding scale payment system, with the “break-even” cost noted and available as a “base cost” for those who are interested. We ask you to pay as much as you can afford so that our programs can continue to operate and so that we can continue to create the kind of equitable society in which we all want to live. Anyone paying above the break-even point is making it possible for us to continue using this system—a system that benefits us all by bringing diversity to our community! Anyone paying below the break-even point is bravely receiving support and acknowledging the injustice in the system by paying within their means. Staff salaries are adjusted based on the payments received, and any profits above and beyond our expectations are returned to our scholarship and award funds. Thank you to all of you for showing up in integrity and helping to create community and connection through generosity and creative economics!

Barter and Trade Options

In order to support our vision of using multiple forms of capital to support our work, we accept barter and trade for partial or full tuition for many classes. Limited work trade positions are available for most workshops; please reach out if interested. Barter is accepted for most workshops; please see our wish list for suggested barter items or make a proposal based on what you have to give.

Royalties to Lineage Keepers

Many of the skills and practices that we employ at The Wildwood Path are not directly traceable to one teacher or school, or were appropriated with or without consent from other cultures. We are doing our best to research this, make amends, cease using any skills or practices that were inappropriately taken, and to learn and teach from our own lineages. In addition, we pay a percentage of profits to the following initiatives to honor their fierce and generous combinations of protection and sharing of teachings with us and many others:

The Wabanaki people via Nibezun

The Dagara people via AVIELA

The Haudenosaunee people via the Akwesasne Freedom School

The Bolad’s Kitchen Library Fund

Yoruba Traditions via Kindred of Sangoma

Decolonizing The Work that Reconnects via Rachel Marco-Havens

Please inquire if you or someone you know might be a good fit, or if you would like to donate to any of these funds or programs. Thank you for your support for justice and strength in our changing world.

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