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The Wildwood Path!

Find out more about our one-day and short-term public workshops HERE.

We currently offer two all-online cohorts and four hybrid online/in-person cohorts.

Applications are coming in now for our ongoing learning circle, with this year’s commitment starting in October 2020 and running through June 2021. Applications for all of our long-term cohorts are accepted on an ongoing basis, until the cohort is full or the program begins. Programs often fill quickly!

The all-online program dates do not conflict with each other or the in-person cohorts, so you can join up to 3 cohorts: two online and one in person. The in-person cohorts are part of our long term learning Circle, so when you apply and are accepted into the circle, you can choose to enter one of several cohorts, as outlined below. The all-online cohorts are open to all genders and the in-person hybrid cohorts are women and/or trans only.

Our application process is two-fold: Please complete the following application and send it to our mentors via this form. We will contact you to schedule a phone interview to discuss your interest in the program and to go over any questions or concerns… If it’s a good fit, we’ll officially invite you into the circle, you can say “Yes!” or “No, thank you!” and can begin the at-home preparation for our first session!

We would love to have you join us for a wild, wonderful wander of learning, sharing, and transformation!

In person/online hybrid Cohorts (Women and/or Trans):

If it’s your first time joining the an in-person cohort, you must begin with The Bear Cohort and can choose to expand into The Wheel Star Cohort or Light of the Land Cohort if you continue for multiple years. Teens (if enough are interested for the program to run) begin in The Otter Stone Cohort until they are come of age into adulthood, at which point they can choose to step into a different Cohort—or design their own!

The Bear Cohort: Growing and Deepening your Capacities for Personal Nature Connection & Wilderness Skill
The Wheel Star Cohort: Integrating the Wisdom of Nature into the Systems of Life, Work, Community, and Society
Light of the Land Cohort: Elders Holding Space to Re-Source a Community
The Otter Stone Cohort: Teens Exploring the Wild Edges of Selves as Nested Wholes

Online-only (All Genders):

Sun of Life Cohort: Renewing Ancient Natural Connections … an at home Wildwood journey weaving skills and practices of nature, culture, liberation, and love into your daily life and your relationships with the living world.
Please note that you must join this cohort with at least one other participant who can get together with you in person for embodied skills and practices.

Woodward Cohort: Regenerating Economics through Nature Connection … an adventure in learning from the wisdom of nature as we develop our thinking and practices around investing in ways to relate with exchange, multiple forms of capital, reciprocity, and abundance in the systems of our world. A cohort embarking on a journey of shared natural and cultural practices that inform emergent economic questions– all of which comes together in support of practical manifestations that will be unique to each member’s circumstances.

2020 – 2021 Wildwood Path Circle Long-term Learning Cohorts
Application and Declaration of Interest
Examples: She/Her, He/His, They/Them, Xy/Xyr, something else?
Additional Questions:
Please answer the following questions in as much depth as you choose. The process of reflecting on the questions and answering them is part of your journey. You may also upload your answers as a PDF document below.
Examples: Gender identity, ethnic background, sexual orientation, class experience, or anything else that makes you who you are. We value diversity and the opportunity to create safer spaces for all by uplifting the particular experiences and gifts of individuals in our groups.
We may be able to help hook you up with more access if you need it for this journey, but nature is everywhere and any of these levels will work!
If you can see gaps, what new supports can you put in place in your life? What can you ask for (from family, community, friends, and our circle) in order to make this possible?
Cohort-Specific Questions
Please answer these questions that correspond to the cohort you wish to join.
Light of the Land Cohort
Elders Holding Space to Re-Source a Community
The Wheel Star Cohort
Integrating the Wisdom of Nature into the Systems of Life, Work, Community, and Society
Woodward Cohort
Regenerating Economics through Nature Connection
Sun of Life Cohort
Renewing Ancient Natural Connections
The Otter Stone Cohort
Teens Exploring the Wild Edges of Selves as Nested Wholes
We will need their signatures for a few permissions when the time comes to draft a contract, but for now we just need to know that they have your back and support you joining!
Next Steps
Let's make sure you're ready to submit your application!
Max file size is 20 MB.
Send away! We can’t wait to hear from you and will contact you within a couple of weeks to follow up.